Video SEO Tips: How To Rank Your YouTube Videos Better in Google Search?

The importance of Video based marketing is often shadowed by regular SEO techniques and in the blind race to get on the top, people do not realize that videos too can be a great force in their overall SEO strategy. High ranking videos can contribute significantly to your online traffic as well as help in establishing you as a brand. Needless to say, greater video views also open the avenue of monetization for you, which if tapped well, can become a good source of profit for you. Today we are presenting tips which can help you in ranking your videos better on Google searches.

Understanding The Basics

Google does not put video results on its front page for every keyword you put in. It puts only selected type of videos for a limited type of keywords. You should expect to see videos in search results for keywords beginning with “How to”, product reviews, tutorials, song or tv show names etc. SEO Vancouver has helped in finding what exactly appears on the google search pages.

Talk About Your Business

The biggest and most common problem encountered is that people are not sure how they can make videos that can match the above listed criteria. Many people think that they and their business does not have anything specific which can be translated into a good video. Well this is where they are wrong. If you have any kind of business, you can make content which talks about your trade secrets, or methodologies of doing something. It does not always have to be about building a rocket ship, it can be something trivial, but it has to have some demand in terms of incoming searches. The Best SEO company can help you in identifying this for you.

Understanding Video Keywords

Just like regular keyword analysis, you have to look for keywords which match the nature of your business and are in your niche. Once you have selected a few keywords which you deem suitable for your business, you should analyze if there is enough volume of search available for you to tap and gain benefit from. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to examine search volumes for different keywords. Even SEO Vancouver agrees that it is very important to understand what keywords you are going to target.

Making The Video

The general rule of thumb in video production is, the more efforts you put in towards the making of your video, the greater are the chances of creating a good video. However, that does not mean that you have to spend a fortune everytime you create a video. You can start slowly by using softwares which can help you with screen casting and video recording. You can involve some simple editing and you are good to go for the initial experiment. You should also pay attention to the user interaction metrics on YouTube such as likes, dislikes, subscribers and shares. These metrics can provide you some good feedback about the video you just made.

Uploading Properly

Google isn’t going to watch your videos, so how is it going to be judged. Well, by the information you provide. When you are uploading your video, you should take care that the titles are proper and catchy. The video description should give a clear idea about the contents of the video and the video should be tagged with proper and sufficient keywords.

Tapping Other Online Websites

Websites like Quora, Yahoo Q&A and WikiHow etc are some good websites with some really high traffic. You can use these websites for the promotion of your video. You can post the crux of your video and then link to it. This would definitely increase the number of videos you are getting. You can link to your video in blog posts or guest blog posts. All these strategies would add an increase in the number of views you are getting.
We are sure if you follow our tips correctly, you can expect great benefits in your video marketing and SEO strategy.