How Over Optimization Might Be Killing Your Website

Ever heard the proverb- “Excess of anything is bad.”? We bet you have. But what we can also bet is that you could have never expected this thing holds true for SEO optimization too. People are often so embossed in the idea of optimization that they never even realize that when they exceeded the recommended mark and ventured into potentially unwanted territory. Over optimization can be said to occur when you take the optimization methods and instead of doing the recommended amount, you do them ,let us say, twice the recommended amount. You must have innocently thought that it wouldn’t hurt anybody if we did it a bit more, but guess what? You were  wrong about it. You are going to get penalized for it, and SEO Vancouver is going to tell you why.

Let us start with an example. In order to improve SEO, people used to put keywords in an article or piece of information. Some people took this a step further and started stuffing a lot of keywords in the article. Soon this became the common practice. It was in 2012 that an update started heavily penalizing such websites and hence many became casualty. Things have become different today, you need exceptionally well written content which can engage the user in order to rank higher today. The reasons for which this drastic measure was taken were twofold. First, there were too many spam results which were getting ranked higher for some reason. Second, too many keywords meant a decrease in the quality of the content on a website. If a website had low quality, keyword stuffed content, it became less engaging and hence the bounce rate was incredibly high for such websites.

So, What Is The Right Amount Of Optimization?

This might be the question that is coming to your mind right now as to what is the right amount of optimization and how can you figure it out? The simple answer is going to one of the best seo companies, and asking them to do the SEO for you. The process of SEO is like hiring a coach. You do all the stuff that makes your website grow, albeit small steps in time, but in the end you get it going places. Each website is an investment in its own. You take the time to create the right content and then watch it grow as it improves its ranking and you get a ton of organic traffic.

The right SEO companies would make efforts to optimize your website in the best way possible. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting penalized and the returns on investment would be huge.

What Else Is Important?

Well, one fact which can be stated with absolute certainty is that content is the king, at least for now. You need to have high quality, well crafted engaging content in order to rank better. There is absolutely no way in which you could circumvent this and have it done any other way.

You also need to be careful about the keywords you choose to put in your content. Use well researched keywords which have high traffic metrics, or at least which can prove to be beneficial for you. You are wasting your time if you are not researching the keywords you are putting in.

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