A New Approach towards SEO in 2016

seo trends 2016

SEO has changed drastically from what it used to be once upon a time. It is just not the links and keywords fight anymore. Google has evolved as so has the techniques used for search engine optimization. Factors such as accessibility, crawling friendliness, data usage, page speed and many more are now playing a defining role in a website’s ranking in the big search giant.

In this article, I’ll be mentioning a few factors which are tested by SEO Vancouver and are showing great potential in defining site rankings. Guaranteed sure shot hit trends in 2016:

Content: The phrase “Content is King” could never be so true. The amount and type of content in your website plays a decisive role in the organic traffic. Google has ranked the content as the top parameter in site ranking mechanism.  Not just the amount of content you put there is the only factor responsible for the ranking but factors like hierarchical content flow, uniqueness of the content, proper canonical attribution, how often is the change in published file is done, frequency of text change, discussion of narrow topics per webpage, grammatical correctness and, the age of content together decide the faith of your website.

User Experience: It is often said that google has now started taking the actual user experience into the consideration for the ranking system. This can go further in 2016 and Google can actually update its algorithm completely for the sake of real user experience data collection. This data will depict how user friendly your site is. After the analysis, it will be most probable that the sites having poor scope of user experience will lose their present ranking and the sites with much interactive user experience will get promotions. User experience can be analyzed in many manners. Is your site mobile friendly? If not, you’ll be losing approx. 30-60% of the expected traffic (depending on the usability of your site). SEO Vancouver for mobile sites came out as a game-changer for marketers.

Text Optimization: Since we have seen the impact of content in google ranking, text optimization is the last thing you would like to forget. Factors such as placement of the relevant text, how engaging that is, size of the fonts, and usability of the text are responsible for properly optimizing the text in your website.

Social media Presence: It is not often discussed among the pool of marketers and SEO experts. How much are the dependent on each other and is there really a connection between the two are a couple of questions which are always discussed when it boils down to the ultimate business need. Digital marketing is a user centric approach to sell your products/services over the internet and social media presence is one of the important factors which decide how well you are doing in a competitive environment. Social media shares and mentions of your brand/product are a couple of tried and tested methods to get your organic ranking improved.

What we discussed above were few of the expected factors which will be proved essential in the coming year. SEO has changed its game and it is high time that marketers follow up the pattern and change their approach towards SEO.