What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO [VIDEO TRANSCRIPT]

This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) explained by Common Craft in collaboration with Search Engine Land.

Imagine for a minute that you’re a librarian, but not a normal one. You’re a librarian for every book in the world. People depend on you every day to find the exact book they need. How do you do it? You need a system. You need to know what’s inside every book and how books relate to each other. Your system needs to take in a lot of information and spit out the best answers for a patron’s questions. It’s not an easy job.

Search engines, like Google and Bing, are the librarians of the internet. Their systems collect information about every page on the web, so they can help people find exactly what they’re looking for. Every search engine has a secret recipe called an algorithm for turning all that information into useful search results.

Now, if you own a website, search results matter. When your pages have higher rankings, they help more people find you. The key to higher ranking is making sure your website has the ingredients search engines need for their recipes. This is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO Vancouver. As it turns out, most of the big ingredients are known. Let’s take a look.

First, words matter. Search engines account for every word on the web. This way, when someone searches for shoe repair, the search engines can narrow results to only the pages that are about those words. Second, titles matter. Each page on the web has an official title, but you may not ever see it, because it’s in the code. Search engines pay a lot of attention to page titles, because they often summarize the page like a book’s title.

Third, links between websites matter. When one webpage links to another, it’s usually a recommendation, telling readers this site has good information. A webpage with a lot of links coming to it can look good to search engines, but some people try to fool the search engines by creating or buying bogus links all over the web that point to their own website. Usually, search engines can detect when a site has a lot of them, and they account for it by giving links from trustworthy sites more weight in the recipe.

Fourth, the words that are used in links matter too. If your webpage says, Amazon has lots of books, and the word “books” is linked, search engines can establish that Amazon.com is related to the word books. This way, when someone searches for books, that site will rank well.

Lastly, search engines care about reputation. Sites with a consistent record of fresh, engaging content and growing numbers of quality links may be considered rising stars and do well in search rankings. These are just the basics, and the recipes are refined and changed all the time. Good SEO is about making sure your website has great content that’s supported by the ingredients that search engines need for their recipes.

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Video SEO Tips: How To Rank Your YouTube Videos Better in Google Search?

The importance of Video based marketing is often shadowed by regular SEO techniques and in the blind race to get on the top, people do not realize that videos too can be a great force in their overall SEO strategy. High ranking videos can contribute significantly to your online traffic as well as help in establishing you as a brand. Needless to say, greater video views also open the avenue of monetization for you, which if tapped well, can become a good source of profit for you. Today we are presenting tips which can help you in ranking your videos better on Google searches.

Understanding The Basics

Google does not put video results on its front page for every keyword you put in. It puts only selected type of videos for a limited type of keywords. You should expect to see videos in search results for keywords beginning with “How to”, product reviews, tutorials, song or tv show names etc. SEO Vancouver has helped in finding what exactly appears on the google search pages.

Talk About Your Business

The biggest and most common problem encountered is that people are not sure how they can make videos that can match the above listed criteria. Many people think that they and their business does not have anything specific which can be translated into a good video. Well this is where they are wrong. If you have any kind of business, you can make content which talks about your trade secrets, or methodologies of doing something. It does not always have to be about building a rocket ship, it can be something trivial, but it has to have some demand in terms of incoming searches. The Best SEO company can help you in identifying this for you.

Understanding Video Keywords

Just like regular keyword analysis, you have to look for keywords which match the nature of your business and are in your niche. Once you have selected a few keywords which you deem suitable for your business, you should analyze if there is enough volume of search available for you to tap and gain benefit from. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to examine search volumes for different keywords. Even SEO Vancouver agrees that it is very important to understand what keywords you are going to target.

Making The Video

The general rule of thumb in video production is, the more efforts you put in towards the making of your video, the greater are the chances of creating a good video. However, that does not mean that you have to spend a fortune everytime you create a video. You can start slowly by using softwares which can help you with screen casting and video recording. You can involve some simple editing and you are good to go for the initial experiment. You should also pay attention to the user interaction metrics on YouTube such as likes, dislikes, subscribers and shares. These metrics can provide you some good feedback about the video you just made.

Uploading Properly

Google isn’t going to watch your videos, so how is it going to be judged. Well, by the information you provide. When you are uploading your video, you should take care that the titles are proper and catchy. The video description should give a clear idea about the contents of the video and the video should be tagged with proper and sufficient keywords.

Tapping Other Online Websites

Websites like Quora, Yahoo Q&A and WikiHow etc are some good websites with some really high traffic. You can use these websites for the promotion of your video. You can post the crux of your video and then link to it. This would definitely increase the number of videos you are getting. You can link to your video in blog posts or guest blog posts. All these strategies would add an increase in the number of views you are getting.
We are sure if you follow our tips correctly, you can expect great benefits in your video marketing and SEO strategy.

How Over Optimization Might Be Killing Your Website

Ever heard the proverb- “Excess of anything is bad.”? We bet you have. But what we can also bet is that you could have never expected this thing holds true for SEO optimization too. People are often so embossed in the idea of optimization that they never even realize that when they exceeded the recommended mark and ventured into potentially unwanted territory. Over optimization can be said to occur when you take the optimization methods and instead of doing the recommended amount, you do them ,let us say, twice the recommended amount. You must have innocently thought that it wouldn’t hurt anybody if we did it a bit more, but guess what? You were  wrong about it. You are going to get penalized for it, and SEO Vancouver is going to tell you why.

Let us start with an example. In order to improve SEO, people used to put keywords in an article or piece of information. Some people took this a step further and started stuffing a lot of keywords in the article. Soon this became the common practice. It was in 2012 that an update started heavily penalizing such websites and hence many became casualty. Things have become different today, you need exceptionally well written content which can engage the user in order to rank higher today. The reasons for which this drastic measure was taken were twofold. First, there were too many spam results which were getting ranked higher for some reason. Second, too many keywords meant a decrease in the quality of the content on a website. If a website had low quality, keyword stuffed content, it became less engaging and hence the bounce rate was incredibly high for such websites.

So, What Is The Right Amount Of Optimization?

This might be the question that is coming to your mind right now as to what is the right amount of optimization and how can you figure it out? The simple answer is going to one of the best seo companies, and asking them to do the SEO for you. The process of SEO is like hiring a coach. You do all the stuff that makes your website grow, albeit small steps in time, but in the end you get it going places. Each website is an investment in its own. You take the time to create the right content and then watch it grow as it improves its ranking and you get a ton of organic traffic.

The right SEO companies would make efforts to optimize your website in the best way possible. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting penalized and the returns on investment would be huge.

What Else Is Important?

Well, one fact which can be stated with absolute certainty is that content is the king, at least for now. You need to have high quality, well crafted engaging content in order to rank better. There is absolutely no way in which you could circumvent this and have it done any other way.

You also need to be careful about the keywords you choose to put in your content. Use well researched keywords which have high traffic metrics, or at least which can prove to be beneficial for you. You are wasting your time if you are not researching the keywords you are putting in.

A New Approach towards SEO in 2016

seo trends 2016

SEO has changed drastically from what it used to be once upon a time. It is just not the links and keywords fight anymore. Google has evolved as so has the techniques used for search engine optimization. Factors such as accessibility, crawling friendliness, data usage, page speed and many more are now playing a defining role in a website’s ranking in the big search giant.

In this article, I’ll be mentioning a few factors which are tested by SEO Vancouver and are showing great potential in defining site rankings. Guaranteed sure shot hit trends in 2016:

Content: The phrase “Content is King” could never be so true. The amount and type of content in your website plays a decisive role in the organic traffic. Google has ranked the content as the top parameter in site ranking mechanism.  Not just the amount of content you put there is the only factor responsible for the ranking but factors like hierarchical content flow, uniqueness of the content, proper canonical attribution, how often is the change in published file is done, frequency of text change, discussion of narrow topics per webpage, grammatical correctness and, the age of content together decide the faith of your website.

User Experience: It is often said that google has now started taking the actual user experience into the consideration for the ranking system. This can go further in 2016 and Google can actually update its algorithm completely for the sake of real user experience data collection. This data will depict how user friendly your site is. After the analysis, it will be most probable that the sites having poor scope of user experience will lose their present ranking and the sites with much interactive user experience will get promotions. User experience can be analyzed in many manners. Is your site mobile friendly? If not, you’ll be losing approx. 30-60% of the expected traffic (depending on the usability of your site). SEO Vancouver for mobile sites came out as a game-changer for marketers.

Text Optimization: Since we have seen the impact of content in google ranking, text optimization is the last thing you would like to forget. Factors such as placement of the relevant text, how engaging that is, size of the fonts, and usability of the text are responsible for properly optimizing the text in your website.

Social media Presence: It is not often discussed among the pool of marketers and SEO experts. How much are the dependent on each other and is there really a connection between the two are a couple of questions which are always discussed when it boils down to the ultimate business need. Digital marketing is a user centric approach to sell your products/services over the internet and social media presence is one of the important factors which decide how well you are doing in a competitive environment. Social media shares and mentions of your brand/product are a couple of tried and tested methods to get your organic ranking improved.

What we discussed above were few of the expected factors which will be proved essential in the coming year. SEO has changed its game and it is high time that marketers follow up the pattern and change their approach towards SEO.